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​​Please also note: Any person who surrenders an animal(s) to All Cats Rescue will be subject to an owner surrender fee. Keep in mind that it is costly to care for the cats and kittens brought to us. ACR covers the cost of all food, litter, vaccinations, altering, vet checks for each kitty, and any subsequent health care needed. Thanks for understanding.

Breed: Tuxedo 
Color: Black & White
DOB: Approx 7/11/11
Sex: Male

​Always dressed for a party, Olie is an outgoing, confident fellow with a gift for gab who would make a great emcee! Olie likes to party a little too much, and he had packed on the pounds. But since going into our Fat Cat Farm program (our own version of the Biggest Loser for felines), Olie has lost nearly five pounds through proper diet and playcercise! He loves chasing laser dots and anything dangling from a stick – and all of his activity has increased his agility and stamina. He loves strutting his new almost svelte figure and will roll on his back to show you his thinner belly – and for good luck tummy rubs! Other than his weight, Olie has no health problems and is still losing weight. The ideal adoptive family will continue Olie’s special diet, keep him active and monitor his weight. He also loves being brushed, sitting on your lap and snuggling with you. Olie is eager to find his furever home where he will be appreciated for the fun-loving and affectionate guy that he is! He’s got Big Love to give!

Breed: Long-haired Calico
DOB: Approx 7/4/05
Sex: Female

Lena the Diva loves posing for pictures! A beautiful long-haired calico, Lena has been spoiled by too much food, not enough exercise and has put on too much weight. She came to the Fat Cat Farm (our feline version of the Biggest Loser) at 26 lbs and has lost 13.5% of her body weight. Lena’s weight loss has helped improve both her mobility and stamina, but due to being overweight for so long, she has some difficulty with her back legs. In addition to being put on a special diet and exercise program, Lena also takes glucosamine chondroitin to help with her joint pain and mobility. Despite her weight-induced limitations, Lena is healthy otherwise. She still loves to be pampered and is one of the few kitties who actually enjoys a warm bath! And along with that pampering, she really loves a good rubbing behind her ears, brushing and overall body massage! Lena’s ideal adoptive family will continue her special diet, keep her active and monitor her weight. Lena is eager to find her furever family who will appreciate her beauty and her diva catitude. She’s got Big Love to give!​