All Cats Rescue Foster Application

ACR’s Guidelines & Agreement for Foster Homes

These guidelines reflect the policies and goals of All Cats Rescue (ACR) and all foster homes are required to follow them. As a volunteer foster you will provide the critical component for achieving the goals of our mission, which is to find forever homes for our cats and kittens.

Before you take on the responsibility of opening your home to a foster animal, please be sure that you can spend extra time with the animal in your care on a daily basis. Can you work with the animal with regard to socialization, good manners and allowing the animal to interact with your family? Please take this into consideration before committing to fostering a cat or kitten because this can, at times, be a fairly long term commitment.

* Please stay in communication with your ACR contact person keeping them aware of the status of the animal(s) entrusted to your care. Be sure to notify one of us when food, medication, veterinary care or other supplies or services are needed. Also, if you have ANY concerns or questions about anything regarding your foster animal, please contact one of us at anytime. Your contacts are: Ellen 366-4895 or Buffy 759-4561

* All animals placed in foster care will be examined by an approved veterinarian and will be given all necessary immunizations. If the animal hasn’t been altered when they come to you, they will be scheduled to be spayed or neutered when they reach an appropriate age. The foster parent will need to be available to transport the animal to and from their veterinarian appointment(s).

* All ACR animals must be transported with a carrier! Including adopters that come to pick up your foster!

* Our cats are INDOOR ONLY! But, your Foster Home contact must be notified immediately if the animal in your care is injured or missing. In cases of extreme trauma (i.e. hit by a car) take the animal immediately to the ACR designated vet OR your own vet, or if possible the Emergency vet clinic. PLEASE contact ACR immediately.

**** No ACR animal may be adopted, transferred or relinquished without approval by the authorized representative!! These animals are the ownership of ACR only!

* Only authorized representatives of ACR will conduct interviews, home visits and adoptions, however, we do need, appreciate and encourage your input and observations. Final approval must be done by the authorized representative of ACR.

COSTS AND FEES: Until adopted, ACR maintains guardianship of the animals you foster. All veterinarian expenses must have prior approval. All basic medical and general expenses such as food, litter, etc. will be covered by ACR. You must save all receipts!