Surrendering Your Cat

We understand that sometimes circumstances may arise that make it difficult or even impossible to keep a cat, but before making the decision to give up your feline family member, please consider all of your options.  When kitties are removed from their homes, the transition can be very difficult and stressful for them, no matter how well adjusted they may be. 

Before you request to surrender your cat, please do these things:
  • If you cat is having litter box issues, PLEASE talk with your veterinarian to rule out possible medical issues. In many cases, medication may be prescribed that will stop these issues. 
  • If medical issues are ruled out, please utilize our collection of articles on dealing with common behavioral issues. 
  • If you need to move into a rental property, look for place that accepts cats.  See this list of pet-friendly rentals in and around Sioux Falls.  
  • Talk with friends or family to determine if they would be able give your cat a home, or know someone trustworthy who would like to bring a kitty into their family.  For shorter-term life situations that make it difficult to take care of your cat (i.e. illness, during a move), arranging for your cat to temporarily stay with a trusted friend or relative may be a good solution.  ACR can also help you re-home your cat  by sharing your information and photos of your kitty on our Facebook page. 

Please also consider the following advice:
DON'T drop your cat off in the countryside, assuming that it can take care of itself. Pets lack the skills to survive on their own and may die of starvation or injury.
DON'T abandon your cat in a house or apartment you are moving out of, thinking that someone will eventually find it. This doesn't always happen.
DON'T give your cat away to a stranger. You don't know if that person is a responsible owner or even honest. Pets that end up in the wrong hands may be abused or even worse. 

If you have exhausted all other avenues, please contact us about surrendering your cat.