Special Cats for Special People 

It is fitting that "special" is part of their label - these kitties are definitely very special! There are many reasons why we consider a cat or kitten special needs, sometimes it is because of a medical condition, sometimes a behavioral condition, and sometimes it is because of older age. To some people, these animals are not adoptable, and in some cases, if these cats and kittens weren't in our care, they would be destroyed. All Cats Rescue believes that these cats deserve loving homes. They are worthy of being saved and entitled to live out the rest of their lives surrounded by people who will love and care for them. Are you one of the special people who can open your heart and home to a cat who really, really needs you?

Please consider adopting one of ACR's special needs cats, listed below. For information on adopting one of these wonderful kitties, please contact us! If you are unable to adopt one of these sweethearts, please consider making a donation!


Estimated DOB: 2/26/18

As you can see, River is a handsome tuxedo boy!  He loves feather toys and treats! He can be shy at first, but will warm up after a few days! River is a great guy who deserves a wonderful forever home!

Please note that River has tested positive for feline leukemia (FeLV), a virus that affects a cat's immune system and makes him more susceptible to secondary infections. Because of this, his life span may be shorter than that of cats without the virus, but it is also possible that he may live a long, happy life, especially if he is placed with a family that is attentive to his special needs. Because FeLV can spread to other cats, River will need to be in a home with no other cats, or with other FeLV+ cats. FeLV does not spread to humans, dogs, or any other animals. We believe that River deserves every chance to live and be loved like any other cat, and that the right person or family is out there for him!

More of our special needs kitties will be listed soon - please check back.